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Highest Quality - We design & manufacture lamps and luxury lighting to enhance every environment from offices to hotels and individual homes. Our special touch and unique visions in the designer lamp industry carries right through from design and concept to after sales support. The majority of our business involves understanding the customer's requirement & designing products accordingly. (Bespoke Design).

Unrivalled Designs Objet d'Art - Marco de Carlo’s designer lights and luxury lighting are 'high end' exclusive designs intended to be the eye catching centre pieces of any room. Works of art in their own right they are handmade to exacting standards utilising alluring materials from around the world

Project Management - Our expert management capabilities enables us to carry out all projects with the highest degree of integrity & professionalism often incorporating the supply of lighting products from other reputable manufacturers as an effective one stop source.

Continual Perfection - New materials and Ideas are being searched for consequent new designs are added to the portfolio on an ongoing basis. Only those that are deemed to be an enhancement or better than the existing ranges are included.

Capturing the awe beauty of exotic natural materials these designs are state of the art contemporary impressions. Cleverly designed to create longevity of desirability, luxurious like the material itself, the items will remain centre pieces for years to come.

Hand Finished - The materials are hand selected for composition visual aesthetics for each individual lamp, they are then cut, shaped and polished specifically to each design. Each lamp is then assembled finished by Marco de Carlo’s stone masons, engineers and technicians. This hands on attention helps ensure the quality of each finished item. History in the making, as these bespoke lamps are the collectors pieces of tomorrow.





















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